Uncomfortable vs exhaustion

So you want to be succesful huh? Well there's one thing in this world, that has the ability to change our whole life in an instant. You know what it is? It´s action! So first step, You just need to make a decision. Ask yourself this: a year from now, five years from now, what are you going to wish you did today? The secret to getting ahead in this world, is first getting started. You can't let fear stand in the way of your dreams. You can not think "Oh what if this doesn't work". If you believe enough in the process and the end result, success IS going to come to you, it will. You just got to be willing to see it through to the end. But first you got to jump in the deep end, man. Once something goes into motion, it stays in motion. The process itself feeds the fire, you can't be trapped by fear. Limits like fears, they are illusions, disregard them. If you are passionate about it and you go full throttle, there's no doubt you are going to be good at it. Because what makes someone good at something? Its dedication, hard work, and is doing it with proper direction and methodology. So either way, you are going to be good. But what makes someone a professional at something? It's the concept of taking that little idea, that little decision you made and executing to take it as far as your imagination holds. Dedicating every breath in your body, to that single cause. Seeing the grand picture at the end of the road to be the absolute best, and not settling for any reason. It's not talent, it's not ability, its simply comes down to how hungry you are. How hungry are you to improve? How big is your appetite for success? What are you willing to do to reach your dreams. The professionals, the best at their craft, they don't care about the nay Sayer's, they don't care about the fun they're forgoing. They don't take days off. They are 100% in setting their ways in perfecting their craft. Because its all for a much larger purpose, than any simpleness of happiness that immediate gratification provides. Reaching your goal, well that just pure bliss. The higher the expectations, the larger the goal, well the feeling just magnifies. So what is the difference between you and them? The professionals, they are the ones who are willing to knock on the door of complete exhaustion every single day. Now let me define exhaustion for you. Exhaustion is at that very point, where its just so dam painful where you just can´t push anymore. That it hurts so bad that you cant even think straight. If your reaching that point, where deep down you know that you did absolutely everything in your power. That there wasn't one more thing you could have done. So what´s the difference between them and you? What are you doing at this present moment in time? Ask yourself this, are you moving closer towards your goal, or you moving further away from them? Are you balking at those doors of exhaustion, or are you just uncomfortable? You see... being uncomfortable is not exhaustion. Being uncomfortable is your mind quiting before your body. Being uncomfortable is just saying no to trying again. Achieving greatness happens when you are willing to do something, that will kill you just to make you better. You see, it's easier to buy the tickets to see the game, then it is to be the one to prepare for it. It's easier to hang out with your friends than it is to hang with the stairs for an hour. It's easier to sleep in than it is to wake up to do 100 sprints. It's easier to go to a party than it is to go ass to the grass in squats. It's easier to watch athletes from the couch than it is to be the one hoisting the trophy. But it's also alot easier to look back at your life and know you gave it your all, than it is live with regret. Not living up to your potential, well that weighs on your shoulders. No one ever said being successful was going to be easy. But I'll tell you one thing, it sure as hell is worth it. You are your own maker in this world and there is no such thing as failure. You just got to tell it no, not this time, not with me. I'm going to try again and again and again, and I'm going to look failure straight in the face, and I'm going to tell it that I'm willing to go through all the struggles to reach my dreams. Because without struggle, there is never going to be any progress. Its all in how bad you want it. How big is your appetite for success. Do you just want to bite or you starving out there for it? Stay in path, stay driven, stay hungry.