Why do most people hate mondays so bad? Picture

Why do most people hate mondays so bad?

Why Do Most People Hate Mondays So Bad? By Jeremy and Mindy Sycks Article Word Count: 566

Why do most people hate Mondays so bad?

You hear it and see it everywhere!

I hate Mondays!

Mondays suck!

I can't wait till this week is over!

Dear God it is Monday again!

My question to you is... Do you hate Mondays?

If you do why do you hate Mondays?

For most it is the return to work... for some it is just the mere thought of how people will treat them.

Whatever the reason may be, does it truly make sense to think so terribly about Mondays?

Not really...
Would you like me to show you why?

I don't care! I hate Mondays because...

I have heard and even said myself a million excuses as to why we almost all hate Mondays.

The million dollar question is this...
Do you or I have a truly legitimate excuse as to why Mondays are so terrible?

The answer is... no.

Some say... "Well my job sucks and I hate it!"

Now, is that Mondays fault? No it is not.

Others say... "I hate the way people act and carry themselves on Monday!"

You can't control others but you can control yourself... right?

Listen my friends, I had to realize some tough truth.

Mondays did not suck... My thinking did!

Think about it? What really makes Mondays any different than any other day of the week?

Nothing except for our thinking.

I have been asked... "If they don't suck then how come most people think that way?"

The reason is because of social heredity.

Social heredity is that thing that when you hear enough or see and experience enough of something, you begin to adopt it as your own philosophy.

It is kind of like a really strong habit that is indirectly forced upon you without your ability to realize it.

There is no denying it. That is why commercials work. That is why you get a song stuck in your head that you hate but you continue to run it over and over in your head.

Hate Mondays if you want to but, make your own decision.

We have the freedom to make up our own minds about darn near everything.

So why don't we do it?

If your job sucks every Monday... Quit or change your attitude.

If you don't like the way many people act on Mondays... Don't allow them to poison your brain.

If you truly want to enjoy your day then you will not allow anyone else ruin it!

I do not let people tell me what to like or what not to like... and you don't have to either.

It is within your power to not follow the masses and decide how you want to think and live for yourself.

If you still hate Mondays... that is your choice... but I promise you it will never make you feel better about Mondays or your life.

I very much love Mondays!

I love Mondays as much as Tuesday and Thursday and well... all of the days of the week because, each day you have another chance to breathe and contribute to the world, then that my friends is a good day!

So T.G.I.T! (thank god it's today) Because after all... what more is there?

Best wishes to all of you!

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