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Where to get motivation when you don't have any?

I'm writing this article mostly for myself but as you read I'm sure that you can get some benefit out of it. I'm sure that we have all been there before! We have our goals in mind. We have a plan and yet sometimes we lack the drive. How do you get some motivation when you simply don't have any in the fuel tank?

Remembering your "why"

A lot of people say that remembering their "why" keeps them going. You why should be big and motivating enough to get you past any sticking points. If you why doesn't do that for you, then maybe you should find a deeper reason. Just thinking of your why and not of yourself will usually do the trick.

The five minute rule

Another method is the five minute rule. The five minute rule is simply working at something just for five more minutes. Working at anything for five more minutes is something that anyone can do. Who couldn't give just a measly five more minutes? Just working at something like that will also get you through that emotional dead zone and provide you with some mental traction. You will find that after those five minutes, you will have enough inspiration to keep right on going!

Pain is always a good motivator

In marketing, they say that people will usually act to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. Breaking that down even further, they say that people are lazy and that they will avoid pain more often than trying to gain pleasure. Applying that to your own situation, just think of the pain that your current situation is bringing you and that will definitely get you moving in the right direction.

Just take some action

The absolute best way that I have found to get some motivation in my gut, is to just take some stinking action. It all starts with a decision in your head. Just say "I'm going to do this and I don't care how I feel about it. I need to get this done and that's what I'm going to do, period!" Just plunge into some action and you will find that you will get some inspiration. Just get dressed or start writing and see what happens!

Surround yourself with motivated people

Life is never perfect and neither are we. We all sometimes need kicks in the pants and it is also important to surround ourselves with like minded people. If you surround yourself with lazy people, then you will naturally be lazier. If you surround yourself with happier people, then you will naturally be a bit happier. If you surround yourself with motivated people, then you will naturally be motivated. These are just a few things to get you going when you lack motivation!

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