What is motivation really? Picture

What is motivation really?

Motivation is actually the drive to do something, mostly to be productive and to finish whatever task it is that is assigned to you. However, motivation isnít just a word, it isnít just a definition. It is something that can b achieved with will power, and few other steps.

Motivation isnít simply deciding on doing something and then starting it. The right motivation is something that doesnít harm anyone and something that drives you from start to finish and a long time after it.

Everyone has their share of slumps and bad days, and these are normal, however hard it is to get properly motivated after a failure, it is still the only way to get back o track. So what is motivation? It is a series of steps that you take so that youíll get back your old drive and maybe something even more.


As the song said, ìLetís start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.î First youíve got to realize that you do lack motivation, and you should take action. Stop thinking and start moving, either get yourself prepped or get yourself pumped. The fact that youíre reading this probably means that youíve already started the action, and thatís very good.

Learn to Act A lesson in one of the Dale Carnegie Training plans state that if you ìact enthusiasticÖ [youíll] be enthusiastic.î Tell yourself youíre excited, be pumped, even if its just in your mind. If jumping for joy, eve if your not very happy, about a new tasks gets your blood pumped then do it.

It doesnít matter how big as long as you get it done Start with something small, something easily achievable and then build up confidence. Its just like those computer games where you start at low levels with small rewards, and as you go up every level, you get bigger rewards and bigger challenges. Build up your confidence and then proceed to more challenging activities.

Try to beat the game When you start a game, you enter with the goal to finish it, you donít play a game thinking, ok, if I get to level 11 then Iím satisfied, no you aim to beat the game. Thatís how it should be in life, you start small but think big, knowing where you want to go will serve as your guide.

Set your Goals and your limitations Thinking big is good, but thinking too big will be suicidal. Going back to the game example, its good to want to beat the game in easy level but wanting to beat the game using a difficult setting when you havenít event done the easy setting yet would be very difficult indeed. Goals are good when they are achievable.

Donít be afraid to ask for help Remember the game super Mario Brothers? Itís a really hard game, but then when you get a friend to play with you using the two player setting, it a lot easier to dodge the bullets and to beat Koopa. This should be the same with getting motivated. Youíll also need motivators to help you. There will be times when youíd want to just give up, and its good to have a few back ups to get you back on track when you do.

Have a Plan set Have a timeline, a set of short term goals, like finish level 2 by the end of day two or get this equipment before the third trimester. Put your effort into every day of work, be consistent and follow your schedule.

Give yourself a reward once in a while It all boils down to what you get when you finish. And basically, the reward system has worked for animals in training and naughty children, so why shouldnít it work for you? Reward yourself for a job well done so that youíll get motivated to be motivated each day. And if worse comes to worst, make the reward your motivation to be motivated.

Basically, once you do these steps, your slump should be but a distant memory, all you need to do is to make it a habit. When you trip and fall, your feet donít fall off, they stay, a little bruised and scratched but still usable, all it needs is a little effort to stand back up again.

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