There is great power in having a positive attitude Picture

There is great power in having a positive attitude

It is very well known that you can have a happier and more prosperous life by having a very positive attitude. But there is greater power to you with the knowledge that having a positive attitude results in helping you make your business as well as personal life, a very successful one.

A positive attitude is achievable. It's simply controlling our thoughts. Some ideas that come to mind that would help create and make noticeable a Positive Attitude are:

Positive Thinking – why look at the negative? It is up to us to consistently seek out the positive of anything, anyone and any situation. We allow ourselves to stay focused on the negative which consumes our thought process and affects our emotions. If we attempt to "see the glass half full" I can certainly guarantee a change in our thinking and by extension a change in our attitude.
Creative Thinking – Think outside the box and be solutions oriented. Many times in my life I have been plagued with negativity. However, it was a wise (retired) elementary school teacher whon said to me I should "seek to find solutions, be creative and determined to find the positive in everything" This had me thinking for a while. Then slowly but surely I developed a habit (and a great one at that) to find solutions to almost everything. Today, I find myself smiling at my creativity and how far it has developed and this makes me happy. After all, I am now exuding a positive attitude to everyone and everything and it's contagious.
Optimism – An optimist vs. a pessimist! Sometimes we need to identify our characteristics by our reactions and responses. Ever had a situation where you saw the "can't" before the "can?" Well I have. If you have consciously realized that you single out the negative before ever seeing the positive then you might need to take a quick moment and re-adjust your thinking. It starts with a little effort; by making small attempts to see and say the positive and make a small positive change within. You'll soon realize the joy of having some optimism in your life.
Motivation – I might be able to inspire you by something I say or do, however, it's up to you to motivate yourself. Ask yourself what makes you happy and stay focused on that. It's a small step (or simple reason) to happiness and success and it keeps you smiling
Choice – We have the power to choose. Choice is just that, it's POWER. The power to change. It can elevate us to valiant heights or toss us to hopeless levels of misery. It can bring us closer to or further from our dreams. All day every day we continue making choices about the times we get up, leave for work, whether to work etc. but we have the power to chose and develop habits that will keep us positive and motivated. It's up to us to choose. The power is unlimited.
Belief – Belief can be empowering or limiting. Most times beliefs are as a result of past experiences. But there's good news - this can change. Change your thoughts, you change your beliefs and you become empowered with a positive attitude.
Visualization – begin by seeing the end. It's about being creative in your mind. Visualizing is about seeing! Seeing is about believing and believing brings you to becoming more of a positive person. It's all about being creative in your thought process. By creating and visualizing the same positive thoughts every day, your subconscious mind begins to act on it and it becomes a reality… unconsciously. The key to this process of visualization is, knowing that positive thoughts and mental images lead to action and action leads to success, personal achievement and fulfillment. A sense of accomplishment enables us with a positive mental attitude.

Things may be tough but by looking at or for the potential in everyone and in everything you do, helps in developing and positive attitude. The great thing about it is, you will not only see a difference in your business life but definitely your personal life as well and therein is the Great Power of having a Positive Attitude.

About the author: "Michelle Havelock, a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) is an Author and a Sales Coach who is recognized for her work with persons in the financial industry namely insurance sales and especially noted for her work in the development of the sales skills of the sales representatives.

In her book: "The New Recruit and The Sales Process," Michelle has been recognized by some of the top Insurance sales producers of Trinidad and Tobago for her effort to bring to the Sales Force the internationally known Sales Process in a simple and effective language.

Michelle herself has been employed in the Financial Industry (both banking and insurance) in Trinidad and Tobago for the past twenty one (21) years.

Michelle is a member of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants"

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