The ONE WORD that can change your life immediately! Picture

The ONE WORD that can change your life immediately!

Did you know there is ONE WORD that when you apply it can change your life immediately? Its true. Kind of hard to believe that one word could have that much power isn't it? The word, as most everything that works, is directly linked to your mind. Our minds hold all the power, they are the center of our universe. All that we see and don't see is governed by the beliefs we hold and therefore tell us what our ‘truth' is. One person believes 100% in UFO's and can site tons of evidence while another thinks its all a hoax and can site tons of evidence to back up his belief as well. To each of them they are both right.

When I was laid off 3 weeks before Christmas in 1994 it was probably the lowest point I've ever been in my life. I had over $15,000 worth of credit card debt and no job. I was on unemployment for a while then I got 2 jobs, one at GNC and one selling healthriders, both working at malls. I had to work 60 hours a week to make ends meet. That when I discovered the power of this word.

I didn't even KNOW I had used it at first. But then things started to happen, my life began to change. And it has never been the same since. I was so tired of being in debt and being at the mercy of working for someone else, I got so mad that I finally said ENOUGH! And in that instant, my life began to change. Do you see what I did? I made a decision!

The word is DECIDE. I finally decided that I was tired of my life being the way it was and I was going to change it. My life had been the way it was because I followed what people told me to do, get a job, get married, have kids..etc. At that moment in time I decided that I would now decide the direction of my life. And if I wanted to do something and I didn't know how, I would learn or find a way but the bottom line was this - if I have to live the consequences of the choices I make (I have to live my life) then I'm going to make the choices I think are what I want instead of just following the crowd.

I decided to stop using credit and credit cards. I decided to start some kind of a business so I would not be at the whim of a boss anymore. These were not just wishes they were decisions. And I committed to not stopping until they were reality. I had no idea how much those decisions would change my life for the better. Once I stopped listening to ‘the crowd' and began to decide for myself what was okay and not okay, my life changed and has been amazing ever since.

Give this magic word a try in your life and see what it can do for you. I'm willing to bet you'll be very glad you did.

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