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No Risk? No Reward!

It's been said that most people need a nudge to take action. I DISAGREE!

I believe most people need a stiff kick in the ass to take action & do what will benefit themselves & their loved ones. Why? America raises its children to be fearful followers. Just look at what Americans are subjected to on a daily basis from an extremely early age? The corporate news isn't broadcasted daily to keep you informed. It's broadcasted to keep you scared of the world around you so you will make decisions that benefit others more so than yourself. That fear is so deep seeded that it prevents the majority from taking action to benefit themselves.

Fear, ladies & gentlemen, is nothing more than lack of knowledge & the perception of discomfort. Nowhere more prevalent than the pursuit of success. The definition of success is different for every person so many claim & tell themselves they want to be successful but they allow one very small thing to stop them... fear. Many in America have the dream but not the drive. That is not all their fault. They were taught to be that way.

The fear of financial loss is very disconcerting to the average person... or is it? The fear of risking, say, $25 to possibly, with hard work & determination, improve one's future is an uncomfortable concept for most yet this same person will... spend $25 on fast food 3x a week, $40-110 on a carton of cigarettes, $100 on lottery tickets or alcohol, $200 on false hair, $300 on sneakers, $1,500 on rims for their vehicle but complain about the mortgage/rent, the electric bill, etc. See the problem??? Is this you?

They never think to ask themselves "how are these purchases helping me improve my position in life?" They don't realize it's not risk of spending to improve themselves that frightens them... it's the possible ridicule from associates, family & friends about their decisions to do something different who also have the same lack of knowledge concerning money so they don't understand that you do nothing, you get nothing; you risk nothing, you are rewarded with nothing.

If you attempt to explain the fundamentals to them, it falls on deaf ears or you're trying to "scam" them. They don't understand business on an entrepreneurial level. They only understand working for someone else who does. That's the majority of America but it doesn't have to be that way... especially in this era of online commerce. Educate yourself.

America has raised numerous generations to be ignorant of business & finance. Think about it? When is financial education, truly understanding how money works, offered to the American student? College (education you have to pay additional funds for). When is financial education, truly understanding how money works, offered to, say, the Japanese student? Grade school. See the difference?

Due to that lack of knowledge, the average American makes horrific decisions regarding money & everyone's success or failures are directly attributable to their decisions. Ironically, decisions are the only aspect of life you control. It's called FREE WILL!!! right?

Anyone can, at any given moment, decide to be different; decide to change. Anyone can, at any given moment, decide to remove themselves from the "crowd mentality" the majority of their struggling associates, family & friends share or they wouldn't be where they are. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tsu

American society is confusing to the average child because it sends so many mixed messages. School teaches to be a "worker bee", rewards obedience & not creativity & individuality, prefers those who won't "rock the boat" or "cause waves". However, outside of school, in particular sports, the child is taught you will make mistakes, you must improve your individual skill set, you must learn how to interact & perform with others, you must be COACHABLE, you must express yourself... the attributes needed to be successful but opposite of what is being taught in class. Confusion distorts the message & thus creates fear.

Even with the expansive access to information today, America is still "doing a number" on the minds of its' citizenry, old & young. It tells all to go be productive & successful but most are "wired" not to believe that... & it shows. Just look at the decision making process? The only difference between the 3% & the remaining 97% is decisions made with or without fear. The 3% don't fear making a mistake... they know it is a learning process. The 3% don't fear losing less than they waste because they don't waste. They understand that currency is no more than a tool to accomplish greatest goals. The 97% see currency as the goal.

I ask everyone I connect with for a possible business relationship before anything else "so as not to waste your time or mine, what are you looking to accomplish with this opportunity? What is your why?" 90-95% will respond, "to make money". To make money is not why you want to make money. That's not logical. If you ask then, "how much are you willing to invest in yourself to make your goal a reality, cash & time? will you invest, at least, say $100 now & 10 hours a week into growing a successful business for yourself?", the answer is usually "no" or "I can't" but you'll find out through the conversation that (s)he smokes 2 packs of cigarettes per day or buys dinner or lottery tickets every night on the way home from work. Without change... nothing changes.

You will have to break a lot of rocks to find a golden nugget. Don't be afraid to invest the effort & the time to find it.

The difference is the 3% understand nothing is achieved without sacrifice & will do without certain "comforts" where the 97% won't... but they want the same results as the 3%. That's not logical. The disparity between the two is lack of will. This is the commonplace "fear factor" of today's entrepreneur... all want the "green jacket" but most don't want to step out on the greens. They want a free ride to the top but that isn't going to happen. You have to be willing to risk, to lay it on the line, make yourself uncomfortable, to fail your way to the success you want.

I didn't write this to be condescending or insulting & I am, in no way, shape or form, a guru. I wrote this in the hope that you, the reader, may see something in this article that pertains to you that you can correct & obtain the success you hope for but allow fear to keep you from currently. My hope is this will prompt you to take a risk to better you... & those who count on you.

Take the time to educate yourself on money matters, i.e., learn how each dollar used differently brings a different result. Educate yourself on ways to improve your self-belief & esteem. Evaluate your decision making process, find the flaws & correct them.

Making money is not as hard as not knowing how to use it correctly so you can keep it, i.e., lack of knowledge. Don't blame yourself. You may not have know before but now you do.

Regardless of what happens to you in your life, bad or good, if you're honest with yourself, you bought it on yourself by your decisions... &, unfortunately, some decisions are made because of our fears.

"You have to remember, fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts you create. Don't misunderstand me. Danger is very real but fear is a choice." - Will Smith from the movie After Earth

DISPLACE YOUR FEAR, be willing to risk, even if calculated, & watch your world change.

Become the positive person others want to emulate.

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