Fears - healthy and unhealthy Picture

Fears - healthy and unhealthy

Some time ago, someone told me that a good acronym for fear was Future Events Appearing Real. It would likely be safe to say that in the vast majority of the cases in which we are fearful, we are not currently all that afraid, but fear something that might happen in the future. In my own personal experience, most of the things that I have feared might happen never did happen. This means that I have been needlessly afraid for significant periods of time.

Is there such a thing as "healthy" fear? I believe there is. When we see a bad storm approaching us, fear might make us move to take cover. We look both ways before we cross the street because we know there is always a chance a car might be approaching and we fear being hit. Note that both of those issues happen and are resolved in the present moment. They have nothing to do with something in the future and can be forgotten when we have succeeded in crossing the street or have ridden out the storm.

Unhealthy fears are those largely unrealistic fears we have when we begin fearing what might happen at a later time. These are the "What ifs" we all have now and then. "What if it rains at our picnic?" "What if I get sick?" "What if I don't do well on a test?" "What if they laugh at me?" There is something about the ways our minds work that seems to get us into those ruts now and then. When they do, however, the trick is to remind ourselves that most of these worrisome things are not life threatening, and in most cases, there is little we can do about them one way or the other. In the case of the picnic, you could be sure to take an umbrella or a jacket, you can attempt to live a healthy lifestyle (though you will still occasionally get sick), and you can study for the test. People may laugh at us now and then no matter how hard we try to be serious. We can simply decide to laugh along with them.

How can we not be afraid of scary things in this often frightening world? First of all, attempt to come to terms with the fact that fears began as a way to protect ourselves and make us do what we needed to do to be safe. So when you find you are feeling afraid, decide what (if anything) you need to do to provide security and then stop worrying about whatever it is. I was told many years ago that if I prayed, I should not worry and that if I worried, I should not pray. If we have faith that ultimately our Creator will take care of us, we can turn our fears and worries over to Him or Her. Our Creator has enormous power and very broad shoulders. Perhaps we are showing a lack of trust in Spirit when we ask for help but then continue to be anxious.

My sense is that some of you reading this are shaking your heads at this point and saying "But that is so much easier said than done." You are correct; it is. However, if you want to lessen your fears, you can begin to practice letting go of your fears. You won't succeed immediately, most likely, but as in most things, you improve with practice. Of course, you can always let that fact that alleviating fears is difficult stop you from even trying. The choice is yours!

About the author: Sherry - I'm a retired senior, married 53 years, and have three sons and two grand children. I've written all my life but have only published two books and one workbook. I worked over 20 years as an addictions' counselor. My most recent book is of scripture based daily meditations and is titled "Talks with our Creator." Information about the book can be found at www.Sherryschultz377.com/MyBookBlog.

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