Can Music Help You Make Wise Decisions? Picture

Can Music Help You Make Wise Decisions?

I think we've all experienced the truth that when we're emotionally upset, overwhelmed, or stressed, that is NOT a good time to make a decision. We may have all the numbers, the details, the analytics that we need, and yet if our heart is restless and unsettled it is close to impossible to make up our minds about anything, even something as simple as what we want to have for dinner!

Making good decisions depends on several factors: commonsense, insight, clear knowledge of the different factors (and, maybe, people) involved, etc. But I think that the most important prerequisite is high energy and a positive attitude. When you feel energetic and enthusiastic, and maintain a positive attitude, your mind will tend to see solutions, instead of problems; opportunities, instead of obstacles; success, instead of failure. You will therefore be able to attract the right answers and favorable circumstances, which will make it easier for you to make wise, insightful decisions.

What does music have to do with all this?

When you listen to the right kind of music, it will almost instantly uplift your energy, and put you in an open and receptive mode, where you can attract the solutions you need in order to be successful in whatever you're doing. Selecting the right piece of music, therefore, is vitally important. Just as the right music can quickly uplift you, the "wrong" song can pull your energy down and make you feel more and more depressed. Not a good place to be when making decisions!

The music that we perform, more than any other music I've encountered in my life, has this magnetic power to snap you out of a bad or depressed mood, and change your outlook on life in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds. This is why my wife, Bhagavati, and I have dedicated our lives to sharing this music with as many people as we can: to help them learn how to use music as a tool for finding happiness, which is the primary reason why its composer, Donald Walters, wrote it in the first place.

In our culture we're used to thinking of music mainly as entertainment. However, more and more studies are showing that music has the ability to affect not only our emotions, but also our psyche and moods. It's even been shown to have a positive effect on out blood pressure and heart beat. When music is composed with the clear INTENTION of helping people by raising their energy, the result is a powerful ally to face daily challenges and raise victoriously above them.

Does this sound like you?

- You're eager to be more creative, connected and prosperous in your everyday life.

- You've tried many different practices and techniques, but feel you should be experiencing still more joy and happiness in your life.

- You're troubled by moods and struggle with the ups and downs of everyday challenges, and wonder if you'll ever be able to achieve a sense of inner stability and calmness.

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