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Don't Forget About Youself: Feed Your Motivation!
Motivation plays a huge role in your success in anything you attempt. If you want to lose weight, take your workouts to the next level, or get a promotion you must find and feed your motivation. Motivation will help maintain your focus when you hit those bumps in the road that we all hit. You may get sick while training, may spend a couple of weeks at a plateau as you are losing weight or your competition may get the first promotion. Whatever the bump in the road, they will happen. It's just the way the world works. So what is it that successful people do to continue feeding your motivat...

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The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.
- Charles F. Kettering

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Change - Motivational Video
Once upon a time, there was an unfortunate poor man. His home was also very poor – a small and empty house, where mice made their nests and spiders made their webs. People tried to avoid coming into his house – why should they stick their noses into those poor ruins? And the poor man thought that poverty is the reason of his misfortunes – his eternal destiny. So once, the poor man met a wizard and complained to him about his poverty and miserable life. The wizard felt sorry for the poor man and gave him an unprecedented vase. And said: - This is a magical vase that will save you from poverty...

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5 Challenges You Will Face As an Entrepreneur
Building up your own business is not as easy as it seems from the outsider's point of view. It requires a lot of time, effort and money from the entrepreneur along with a "Never Give Up" attitude. If you think you have got a great business idea and you have enough funds or investors to get started with your business then too you must have a look at the following challenges that would definitely be faced by your startup. • Finding a Target Customer Base: Even if you are offering a product or service that is probably liked by most people you still need to have a specified set of people you...

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Can Music Help You Make Wise Decisions?
I think we've all experienced the truth that when we're emotionally upset, overwhelmed, or stressed, that is NOT a good time to make a decision. We may have all the numbers, the details, the analytics that we need, and yet if our heart is restless and unsettled it is close to impossible to make up our minds about anything, even something as simple as what we want to have for dinner! Making good decisions depends on several factors: commonsense, insight, clear knowledge of the different factors (and, maybe, people) involved, etc. But I think that the most important prerequisite is high energ...

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Female Fitness Motivation!
George was a driver and he spend so much time at his work, that he could hardly have a meal together with his wife and three children. In the evenings he attended classes, seeking to get knowledge, that one day would help him to find a better paying job. George‘s family often complained that he is not spending enough time with them, but his only answer was „I am doing all this for you, I work hard to provide my family with the best that I can“. Soon after George had passed his exams, he received a good job offer with a salary, which was significantly higher that he had before. So now Ge...

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Emotional Bodybuilding Tribute!
Think of all the people who live or ever lived on our planet since the very beginning of time. None of them is like you! What a miraculous thing is to be you! Nobody has the same combination of talents, abilities, sorrows and opportunities. No one has the same friends, family jokes, acquaintances. Nobody‘s finger prints are the same. No one has the same concerns or goals like you. No one! You are unique! Accept and enjoy this uniqueness. You don‘t have to pretend to look more like other expect you to be. Don‘t be afraid to be different. No one in the world has the same things going on in hi...